Beauty Interrupted

Every trail leads somewhere, even if it peters out into nothing. That nothing is somewhere. That somewhere contains things; things that you might not expect to find.

Imagine this: you are walking down a forest trail miles away from any town or city. It’s just you, flora and fauna and you come across a grassy glade and there, smack dab in the middle of it, is a…shopping cart? How the hell did it get all the way out here? Beauty interrupted.

Stuff in the duff (2)
Mangled shopping cart in the bush

I expect to see that closer to the city or even on logging roads. People are very inconsiderate, lazy and cheap. Let’s just dump it on a back road. Great idea!  Not.

Once in blue moon however, I do find something useful (to me) in that pile they dumped. I once picked up a vintage gallon glass jug with a pistol grip and sold it for $30.00. Nice! I will scour over every dumped camper and trailer I come across, seeing if I can find something useful for my Boler trailer. Most of the time however, the campers and trailers have already been picked over. I’m still on a hunt for cast iron pots and pans that were left behind. Fingers crossed!

Stuff in the duff (4)
Could be a good read?

In my findings overtime, I have almost made a complete outfit. I have slippers, a t-shirt, a baseball hat, a pair of sunglasses and a pair of gloves. I just need a pair of pants or shorts that fit me. I would have a true foraged outfit!

Some of the items I have found, have been placed there on purpose. You can just tell. Perhaps they were placed there for the taking or for some sort of joke. I came upon a pair of boots one time that were just sitting there, no owner to be seen. The boots were positioned one foot in front of the other, in a line. Why? Good, useable, functional boots just sitting there, alone. It makes you wonder about the story behind them; why the original owner decided to dispense of them. It sure made me look around, all suspicious like, trying to see the hidden camera or the person playing the prank. I just left the boots there; they were too big for me anyways.

2017-04-04 18.44.28
One foot in front of the other

Folded clothes scare me the most. I haven’t come across them yet thank goodness. There are stories of people coming across a folded shirt laying on a rock just off a trail. Then, further up the trail, folded jeans with shoes placed neatly beside them. These findings means someone is wandering the forest naked and lost or potentially dead. People who are lost can start to panic, panic leads to rash thoughts and decisions and some people will strip themselves down. Why? It still hasn’t been determined. Folded clothes…on a trail? Wouldn’t it stand to reason if you found your way back the trail, you could walk out? You would think so, but the people who are in this panicked state of mind can’t make heads or tails of what they are doing and can often lead to self-demise.

Random tossed clothes can mean many things out in the bush, but folded clothes normally stand for one thing, someone is lost and confused and time is of the essence to find them. Oh, that pair of boots I was telling you about, don’t worry, the owner wasn’t lost. The boots were placed on a gravel road near the entrance to a busy forest park near the city. But really, how would I really know!?

So don’t panic if you get lost in the bush and don’t litter (unless it is going to be of value to me)! Anybody have a cast iron pot they want to dump off in my neck of the woods? That is one item that I wouldn’t mind the beauty of the forest being interrupted for.