Moose, grouse and snow?

My hubby and I went out last Saturday for a spring bear hunt. We quite enjoy bear meat.  I felt it was a little too early to be chasing bears around in the bush, but I wanted to spend a day with my man and be out in nature. If anything, I would at least get some photos, right?  I did. Pretty happy about it too.



Ruffled Grouse

I was not happy however, when we got stuck in snow…for 5 hours. Five hours!  We tried this and we tried that. I even burnt out the motor on our quad winch. After exhausting all possible options, we called my father. It was a lucky thing we had cell service. Within an hour and a half, he met us and saved the day.

Bear Hunting trip (3)
My hubby…

Ahh…I love my Daddy.

Bear Hunting trip (5)
My Daddy…

Despite what I felt was ‘wasted time’ sitting in one spot for five hours, I did get some amazing sunset pictures as we made our way out of the bush. The last hurrah of the sun for the day.

DSC_5540 web

DSC_5535 web


We got home safely with a story to tell and photos to show. There will be more opportunities. I count my blessings.