Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting

Trains (10)

I sit here and sip my afternoon coffee and reflect.

Oh! The many miles this train diner car has traveled until it was put in its resting place. Now, it sits out of work and out of time.

As a diner car, I’m sure it listened to conversation upon conservation about its passengers travels, dreams, and lives. Now, it sits resting, listening to silence. As people walk by the diner car at the train museum, perhaps the odd, “oh…too bad it’s not needed anymore. It’s such a shame” or “back in my day, I ate in a diner car similar to that one” is said.  I know I have said, this would be cool to convert into a guest house. So retro!     Once and awhile this diner car gets to listen to tid-bits from passerby’s. Just not passengers.

In any case, I find this rusting piece of metal beautiful to look at. Green is my favorite color. The windows fascinate me too; countless people once looked out of those windows over the moving land. The windows would show constant moving reflections when the train was in motion.  Now, it sits idle, only looking over the still land. Only showing still reflections. It does get lucky with birds flying by or the clouds passing by; the windows will show a moving reflection then. Birds and clouds, clouds and birds.

That is enough reflecting on reflecting. My coffee is done and something else demand my attention.  It would have been cool to have been a passenger on this diner car…listening, watching, reflecting…


© Photo is copyrighted by Jennifer Côté