My Newest Neighbors

The Common House Sparrow: Passer domesticus

DSC_6067 Web
The Male Common House Sparrow
DSC_6085 web
The Female Common House Sparrow


DSC_6097 web
Two of the three baby sparrows 
DSC_6130 web
They constantly demand food while awake
DSC_6073 web
The Father on Look out duty. His colors are more darker and his markings more prominent than that of non breeding male. 

To read more on the common house Sparrow, follow this link:

Even though they are not a native species to Canada, I don’t mind them being in my back yard. I don’t mind their singing and I’m just happy they are not crows.  Also, they have been ridding our yard of insects such as the Carpenter Ant and the Cabbage Moth; both insects I do not care to have in my yard.  Win Win.

All Photos are copyrighted and belong to Jennifer Côté