A bit of this and a bit of that

So much to do, so little time.
When I started writing blogs, I had this idea that I would write about everything I did on foraging, hunting, and fishing and all the little details that go along with those activities. Well, it turns out that there is not enough time to write about it all. If I didn’t have other responsibilities, maybe I could write about it all, but I rather like spending time with my family too and I have to take care of them.

As it is foraging season, I’m out in the bush and along the trails a few times a week. I realize that foraging can be a full time job. At this time of year, the opportunities to forage for things are plentiful. I can only pick a few things at a time, as time will only let me pick so much and process so much at home. As I said earlier, I have responsibilities at home.

I have made it my mission to at least learn a few new things to forage every year. Learning about new things also takes time. I find myself gravitating towards easily identifiable plants such as the cattail and the hawthorn bush. Aside from the long list of plants and fungi I already know about, I will add these two plants to my list to research and find out what I can make out of them: food or medicine?

I noticed there are a lot of specific blogs and articles about what people do with their foraging finds. Until I have more time to blog about step-by-step instructions on how to make this, or how to identify that, etc., I will just have to share my little on-goings and finds. I’m dying to share them with you because I think everything that you find and collect with your own two hands is just amazing and fun. In chronological order, may I present the following:

2017-02-16 10.33.49
Chaga from the Birch Tree. I have a lot more of where that came from.
2017-04-22 15.53.16
Birch Syrup: The sap was running great this year. 


Above: False Soloman Seal

Above: Fiddle-heads

2017-06-02 16.32.00
Spring Bear Hams

Above: Arnica, Morels and Dandelion heads. I am making Arnica salve with the Arnica flowers. I gobbled up the Morels and I made Dandelion Syrup with the Dandelion flowers.

2017-06-01 10.24.31
Making Birch Leaf Oil with young new Birch leaves. 

Above: A plethora of Rainbow Trout getting ready for the smoker.

Above: Spruce tips and Cattail shoots all pickled up.

Above: Oyster mushrooms. I am making my own Oyster Spawn in attempts to grow it at home. Will I be successful?

 Above: Rhubarb goodies. First thing that was harvested from the garden.

There you have it folks. A little bit of this and a little bit of that.  I’ll let you know how the oil and salves works out as the jars have to sit in the sun for a month.  Also I’ll let you know how all the pickled creations turned out. I have not eaten any as I’m letting the flavors soak and meld with each other. I can say that the Birch Syrup is absolutely wonderful, the tea I make with the Chaga is nice, and the Strawberry Rhubarb compote is wonderful.


Keep Calm and Forage On