Daisy-Dill Capers


daisy dill capers


When I look up a recipe on how to make certain things, there is always a long story attached to it. The story typically includes talk on how maker first came across the idea, the process, etc. Or there is talk about the ups and downs of making the recipe, or how the maker experienced the recipe and the finished result them, or how they feel about…whatever. I can’t be bothered by that. I just want the recipe without all the fru-fru. I actually just don’t have time for fru-fru! Ha ha ha.

So go gather some OX-EYE Daisy buds. What are OX-EYE Daisies? Google it!  I live in Northern British Columbia and we still have OX-Eye Daisy plants in bud form. But most plants are in bloom, but the season is growing shorter every hour!

daisy buds
a few petals like this are ok.

This recipe works with Dandelion Buds as well.


2 cups Ox-Eye Daisy buds
2/3 cups vinegar
1/3 cup water
1 tsp salt

Dried Dill (1/4 tsp for each 125ml Jar)

Clean and Sterilize 125ml mason jars.
Soak the buds in warm water for 5 min. Strain out and rinse buds. This will helps get those little black bugs out.
As your buds are soaking, bring the water, vinegar and salt to a boil and stir to dissolve the salt.
Pack the buds into 125ml mason jars and place 1/4 tsp of dried Dill in each jar and pour the brine over the top.
Cap and store in the refrigerator or process in a water bath canner for 10 minutes, leaving 1/2 inch of head space.

If you pick more buds, you will have adjust the brine recipe accordingly.

Enjoy where you would have store bought capers.


Oh, if you do find some Ox-Eye daisies in full bloom, pick a few and make them into Ox-Eye Daisy Fritters, sprinkle some icing sugar on them and and you have a nice, fun desert!

You can see a few buds here.