It’s Rosehip Season!

Some say wait until first frost to collect Rosehips, I say, collect them when they are big, beautiful and ripe! Don’t miss out on this years Rosehips!


Yield: Makes 6-8 8-ounce jars

Rose hips have seeds with little hairs on them on the inside that are itchy and irritating. You can leave the seeds in if you want, or remove them; they will get strained out if you don’t remove them before cooking.

• 12 cups rose hips

• 4-6 cups apple juice

• 5 cups sugar

• 1 packet Certo pectin (57grams)

• 2/3 cup lemon juice

•6 to 8 8oz canning jars

1. Wash and stem the rose hips, then cover with water or apple juice (it should take around 4 cups of water or apple juice) in a stainless steel pot and simmer on low for 30 min – 45 min or until the rosehips are soft and easily mashed.

2. Strain the liquid using a combination of a metal sieve strainer and cheese cloth. After the liquid has passed through, mash and squeeze out the remaining juice. Simmering the Rosehips would have evaporated off some liquid; you should have approximately 4 cups of juice. If you do not have 4 cups of juice, add a bit of apple juice or water to reach 4 cups.

Note: Some people say if you mash out the remaining juice, that it could turn you jelly cloudy. This has not happened to me so far. It will be up to you if you squeeze out the remaining juice or not. But there is so much more yummy goodness in the rosehip that should be squeezed out! Why miss out on that!?

3. Return juice to pot. Add lemon juice and pectin and bring to a boil. Add sugar and continue to boil for a two minutes. Start doing set tests and once the jelly starts to set, remove from heat, skim off any foam, and immediately ladle into sterilized jars. Setting/gelling/sheeting or whatever you would like to call it, could take 2-5 minutes. Watch carefully!

4. Secure lids and process jars in hot bath for 10 minutes.

5. Enjoy!