Connections can happen in a blink of an eye or they can develop over time. However they happen and whether they be made with people, places or things, they can fun, rewarding, and beneficial.

Farm Folk City Folk reached out to me and asked if I could be a guest blogger on their website. I’ve never heard of them before. Now I have. Connection made!

I went over their website and I really appreciate what they are trying to archive: to “inspire and equip people to eat food that nourishes themselves and the planet”. More specifically, their “programs go from seed to plate—engaging a network of farmers, seed growers, researchers, food system advocates, policymakers, community partners, chefs, and eaters.” -Farm Folk City Folk

They are such a great tool and resource to have when you are trying to connect with local food resources.

I recommend that you take a look over their website and read the many stories (including mine) they have on our local food systems across BC. Perhaps you will make more connections of your own or with others by the shared content of these stories.

One thing I know to be true, if you want a better connection with your food and the land it comes from you need to be a part of it and not just simply buy it at a super market. Engage with your local farmers at local farmers markets. Or start small and grow some food, forage for some food, hunt for some food, or fish for some food. I swear it will make you have a better connection with the land and yourself.