I read on another blog that if you don’t have anything written up on your ‘About’ page, you are a nobody. Well,  I am a somebody, so I guess I should write something up about me. I just never know what to write. What do you want to know about me?

I live in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.

I’m in my late-thirties, have 2 wonderful children and a great husband.

I have many interests, but my main ones are hunting, foraging and fishing. I love the natural world around me. Nature is very inspiring. Nature is very giving too, if you know what you are looking for. DSC_9263 I journey throughout the bush all year collecting wild food and medicines.  Call me a hunter-gatherer. I am just at the tip of the iceberg of learning about wild foods and medicines. It’s a skill that is developed over time.

Not only could the skill come in handy in a post apocolyptic world, I just like the feeling of bringing home wild edibles to the table and fixing boo-boo’s with wild medicine. The skill of Foraging and Wildcrafting can and should apply in our modern day life.

I currently run a Wildcrafting business called Moose, Mushrooms and Mud. I take people out on nature and foraging tours and offer Wildcraft workshops based on plants from the Boreal and Montane region. I practice and teach ethical harvesting techniques. I have a motto: “If the lands succeeds, we succeed!”

I also sell Wildcrafted: teas, dried mushrooms, salves, ointments, tinctures, soaps, and even fresh wild edibles to those who want to explore the wild side.

As a Metis, I am exploring and learning the old traditional ways of my First Nation ancestors, while learning about the old traditional ways of my European ancestors and trying blend and harmonize the two worlds. My products often have blends of herbs, or techniques used from both cultures.

If I’m not hunting, fishing or foraging, I’m camping, gardening, cooking, entertaining, and playing with my children. My passions keep me busy and I wouldn’t want it any other way!