Itty Bitty Baby Birds: A Montage of Digital Artistic Photos

I have found this fun Photo filter that takes my photographs and converts them to look like paintings. I simply love the effect. I like these better than my original photographs; I like the feel, the movement and the vibrancy in the newly converted photos.  It's the artist in me. You'll be seeing a whole lot more of this type of  'artwork'.

Lovely, dark and deep

....the woods are lovely, dark and deep but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep *Robert Frost*   Picture taken at the Ancient Forest, British Columbia

Beauty and the Blah

Funny thing is that I told my husband about my dream and how beautiful it was before it turned to ash. I said how everything beautiful fades, disappears or turns ugly. That was the pity, the blah, in me. I see that in these pictures however, I captured ever lasting beauty. In that, there is hope for today. 

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