Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved *** Fungi and Fun guys

Moments with my family, my 'fun guys', are my most beloved moments. If those moments involve 'fungi', all the better!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations of a Theme *** Rainbow Trout

I caught three small Rainbow Trout today while Ice Fishing. As I had them on the cutting board, it occurred to me that I had "Variations of a Theme".  I don't think I ever got so close and personal with fish before. 

Pickled Chicken of the Woods

If I got my hands on Chicken of the Woods, I would so do this!

Eliana's Garden, LLC


This is such an amazing mushroom. It’s gorgeous, incredibly nutritious, and best yet…tastes just like chicken. I’ll get into the nutrition side in another post. Right now let’s talk about how freaking huge these things can be. Seriously, 8-15 lbs of mushrooms at one time is no laughing matter…well, maybe. Like hysterically laughing with glee or something like that is completely acceptable. Drawback…what do you do with that much mushroom?

Well, there’s the obvious first answer…share that chicken. If you’re a frugal family like us though or another broke joke like the rest of us then you may want to consider ‘putting it back’. You can dry it but it just doesn’t do it justice. You could freeze it temporarily but make sure you have room in the freezer for deer. My favorite is pickled. It’s fairly quick, incredibly tasty and will be a special treat when you are dreaming…

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