Itty Bitty Baby Birds: A Montage of Digital Artistic Photos

I have found this fun Photo filter that takes my photographs and converts them to look like paintings. I simply love the effect. I like these better than my original photographs; I like the feel, the movement and the vibrancy in the newly converted photos.  It's the artist in me. You'll be seeing a whole lot more of this type of  'artwork'.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Out of this World ***The Fungus Among Us***

When I look at the world of fungi upon close inspection, I swear I'm on another planet sometimes. Colors, shapes and textures of the fungi astound me. Not to mention the area surrounding the fungus itself.  It's truly is out of this world. 

Beauty and the Blah

Funny thing is that I told my husband about my dream and how beautiful it was before it turned to ash. I said how everything beautiful fades, disappears or turns ugly. That was the pity, the blah, in me. I see that in these pictures however, I captured ever lasting beauty. In that, there is hope for today. 

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