‘Bear’ with me: the Bear facts, the Bear truth, and left Bear naked

THERE’S ONE! Ugh! You are a beautiful color phase Black Bear, but I have to pass you up. It’s Saturday, it’s hot outside and I cannot process you without spoiling before I get back home tomorrow. OH WAIT! THERE’S ANOTHER ONE! Wow! You are a gorgeous color phase Black Bear, all brown and blonde. Wait…are... Continue Reading →


Winning the Lottery: LEH style

I won the Lotto! Boo yah! I received good news today, I won the Lotto. I was successful in the LEH draw: Limited Entry Hunting. I was fortunate enough to win a Bison Draw and a Bull Moose draw. I have been applying for Bison for years with no luck. This year, my luck has... Continue Reading →

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