What’s that over there!

Where do I even start? How about one foot in front of the other on this muddy trail? Or how about turning down that dusty dirt road, or maybe that one? Or how about just straight through the bush? I’m just going to bush whack all over that forest, climb that mountain, wander that creek... Continue Reading →

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Elk hunting and engine fires don’t mix.

The afternoon was wearing on and we were getting discouraged. We hadn't seen any animals, let alone the ones we were hunting. The afternoon sun was bright and getting warmer by the minute. The ungulates of the forest probably already had bedded down; we probably wouldn't see anything until the evening hunt which was 2... Continue Reading →


Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient

What could be more transient than a Burdock Burr? They sit there and wait until someone or something comes along and then they hook on, getting a ride until they are either picked off or rubbed off. I'm sure a good strong wind can disperse these velcro-like seed pods too. I've picked countless of burrs... Continue Reading →

Forgiveness…my soul waits

  I stand at the dull grim rocky shore Nothing but dark abysmal waters My soul waits It waits for the forgiveness that does not come I want to fall on my knees before you Humble myself My soul begs But I’m not allowed in your world No chance is given So I suffer My... Continue Reading →

A bit of this and a bit of that

So much to do, so little time. When I started writing blogs, I had this idea that I would write about everything I did on foraging, hunting, and fishing and all the little details that go along with those activities. Well, it turns out that there is not enough time to write about it all.... Continue Reading →

I’m a hostage to Ash

This is the most personal blog I'll probably ever write about, so read and take heed. I’m a hostage to the Ash. I was out in the forest the other day, to the 'burn' as I call it. I was mushroom hunting for Morels. Two years ago, a forest fire raged through hectares and hectares... Continue Reading →

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